Import a crontab file or a Windows Task Scheduler job into Workload Automation to take advantage of the powerful scheduling capabilities of Workload Automation.
Crontab files or Windows Task Scheduler jobs are imported and converted into Workload Automation processes in the Application Lab. The processes are added to your Process Library with the same specifications as the original jobs. Think of the advantages of controlling jobs from one central place and the possibility of scheduling jobs according to complex schedules. Plan when your jobs should run - tomorrow, next week, next year, and even when you don't want them to run - weekends, holidays, or the second Friday of every month! And when you want to reuse the same process on another system, there is no setup overhead, just simply install an agent on the systems you want to schedule the process on.

Business scenario

John has several cron jobs defined on his UNIX servers and would like to move them into his Workload Automation environment so that he can take advantage of complex scheduling scenarios.
Workload Automation would give him a higher degree of flexibility with the job schedule. For example, he could set conditions to trigger jobs to run only on working days, or only at a specific time or on a specific day with a repeating schedule. He would also have the additional benefit of controlling all of his scheduling activities from a single point of control simplifying his daily business tasks and reducing the risks and time involved in maintaining multiple schedulers.