Batch processing has been a staple of information technology from the very early days. This type of processing might take hours or even days to complete and uses large amounts of memory or processing power while it runs. Java Batch has the same problems. For this reason, the ability to schedule and control Java Batch execution with an enterprise scheduler is fundamental. Thanks to IBM Workload Automation plug-in for JSR 352 Java Batch, you can connect to your WebSphere Liberty server and automate and control your Java Batch applications.

Business scenario

Jane is a web developer. She is using WebSphere Liberty to create a new application for a large e-commerce company. Once a week, when the new merchandize catalogs become available, Jane needs to analyze any new items and send emails to potential customers. Jane can easily implement this task as a JSR 352 Java Batch application, but how can she run it periodically?

By using IBM Workload Automation plug-in for JSR 352 Java Batch, Jane can schedule the processing of the new catalogs, and send ad-hoc emails to customers. She can also integrate her Java Batch application in a more complex workflow including the validation of the new catalogs from suppliers and the catalogs upload to the company website database.