IBM Workload Automation is tuned to provide the right level of visibility, control and automation across your sophisticated SAP landscape. It is able to provide a single point of control to manage and monitor SAP and non-SAP applications including governance of SAP environment practices, data integration with SAP Solution Manager and other tools. The result is a comprehensive management system that significantly increases staff productivity, availability and application performance across the IT environment.

With SAP R/3 support, you can use IBM Workload Scheduler to run the following tasks:

  • Use IBM Workload Scheduler standard job dependencies and controls on SAP R/3 jobs.
  • Create SAP R/3 jobs using the IBM Workload Scheduler interface.
  • Schedule SAP R/3 jobs to run on specified days and times, and in a defined order.
  • Define inter-dependencies between SAP R/3 jobs and jobs that run on different platforms.
  • Define the national language support options.
  • Use the SAP R/3 Business Warehouse Support function.
  • Customize job execution return codes.
  • Use SAP R/3 logon groups for load balancing and fault-tolerance.
  • Work with SAP R/3 variants and placeholders.
  • Use Business Component-eXternal Interface Background Processing (BC-XBP 2.0)interface support to:
    • Intercept jobs
    • Track child jobs
    • Keep all job attributes when you rerun a job
    • Raise events